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Jan 5


Inspiring, but wouldn’t it be better as a single graphical image, as in an icon?  I think so.  And I think I have just such an icon.  It’s “The Realm” within my Human Response Matrix.  I need to get that thing sculpted.

Aside: While writing the first sentence above, I had a deja vu moment.  I think someone is going to argue that the above already is an image.  Well, maybe they won’t now that I called them out for it ahead of time.

Jan 5

A Blog By Any Other Name

I left tumblr a while back, finding WordPress to be more “Professional,” but I miss the sleekness of tumblr.  That plus, you’re more likely to get recognized because your dashboard is mostly other people’s stuff.

All the same, I’m just throwing a few of my quotes up here, so that I can claim them.  If you like what you see, head over the www.damianniolet.me and click my blog link.  I gave you my main site URL because someday I’ll have stuff on there to showcase.

Jan 5

Life’s not that difficult - you get up, say a few words, and then you sit down. The difficult part is finding something worth saying, saying it despite having a sore throat, and not getting outraged when the chair is pulled out from under you as you’re sitting down.


Damian Niolet

- Would you believe life has been encapsulated in one single phrase, the understanding of which might just lead to unprecedented wellness?  This is the opening to the self-help book I’m currently outlining called “Baseline Your Life.”  The rest of the book I’ll dissect the phrase and reveal its significance.  For the skeptics, wait and see…

Jan 5

I’ll never write an autobiography because I’d write it faithfully and I wouldn’t like not being able to control the main character.

- Damian Niolet

Jan 4

Innovative Approach to Social Media - Anti-Social Media

This is a really cool concept.  Count me in!  

Scott McCloud Cheat Sheet

Thought Provoking Stuff

Life is painful.  We learn from a very early age, before we are ever aware of ourselves, to avoid pain and seek comfort.  Thus, it could be said that life is a spectrum of sensations, an axis on which we attempt to find a comfortable spot between fearfulness and fearlessness of those sensations.  We come to a point in our lives when we begin to perceive, specifically ourselves, most especially by perceiving that we are not everything else around us.  We affirm the separation between ourselves and all else through perception, thus creating another axis on which we try to find a comfortable place between selfishness and selflessness.  Our actions, therefore, reside in regions made up of a mixture of fearfulness or fearlessness and/or selfishness or selflessness.  More often than not, avoiding pain and/or suffering and remaining separate from all else, thus surviving, remains the utmost concern.

Morality is the final result of classifying into areas of right/good or wrong/evil what one or many should or should not do in order to avoid pain and/or suffering for themselves alone and remain separate from all else, thus to survive.  Does this then entail the occupancy in neither area - an absolute zero point - by anyone who is undaunted by the incurrence of, but does not actively pursue, pain and/or suffering, even at risk of death and is comfortable identifying themselves as a collective?  Certainly.  Does this also then entail the transcendence past moral standards - beyond good and evil - by anyone who actively pursues pain and/or suffering, even at the risk of death, and makes no claims of selfhood by denying any distinctiveness apart from everything else in order to ensure all others avoid pain and/or suffering and further solidify their identities as exclusive to themselves, thus to survive?  Definitively, yes!

In conclusion, morality is the choosing on an individual level, and because we all make a choice in the same manner, a societal level, whether to live a life constantly acting on fearfulness and/or selfishness or fearlessness and/or selflessness.  If you choose to act on fearfulness AND selfishness, you are acting immorally.  If you choose to act on fearlessness AND selflessness, you are acting morally.  However, because the axes create four quadrants in which to live out our actions, there do exist those shades of grey.  All of this indicates that morality is simultaneously objective and subjective - we are all confined within the boundaries of the axes, but we all chose to dwell in the realm most conducive to our survival - making morality perfectly definable.

So the question is not, “What is morality?”  The question or questions then become, “What does survival really involve?  How do we know when we have achieved it?”  More important, “Why must we survive in the first place?”

Eat your heart out Nietzsche.

Feb 4

Good video, done in a funny manner, has notable stars in it, and is “somewhat-mostly-accurate," in terms of story details at least. But my problem with it is that in an attempt to critique "comics" for the betterment of them, it has made the more egregious mistake of perpetuating the popular misconception that superheroes and comics are synonymous words. If anything, the Death and Return of Superman didn’t ruin death in “comics;” it only ruined death in “superhero comics.” But even this is not really accurate. Death in superhero comics was ruined long before Superman’s. We knew he was coming back because it had been done many times before already. It was just a matter of how. So, the Death and Return of Superman didn’t really ruin death in superhero comics. What happened was DC orchestrated the most blatant use of death to that date for the sole purpose of making money, as was highlighted in the video, but this wasn’t followed through to any sort of conclusion. DC’s greedy act is precisely what awoke fans to a simple fact - publishers just want their money and not to tell good stories. The Death and Return of Superman ruined the relationship between publishers and fans and by extension between fans and the most prevalent version of the medium. Couple this with the 90’s comics collecting bubble and you had many unhappy fans most of which gave up on the medium as a whole. However, by-and-by some fans remained and rather than give up on the medium they moved on to more refined examples - graphic novels, manga. This is a trend that has been on-going ever since, getting frequent and sudden inundations with each publisher misstep - be it negating 40+ years of continuity with a handshake, creating alternate universes free of all the convolution, or another death and resurrection of an iconic character. If anything, death in superhero comics has made matters better for the comics medium as a whole. Because fans are just getting tired of superheroes and all their BS. So, why complain?

Feb 2

Many people say life is all about the pursuit of happiness. I say life is all about the pursuit of OTHER peoples’ happiness.

- Damian Niolet

My Predicament

My first predicament is that I am still blogging on tumblr when I was hoping to move over to my own domain, but my bigger predicament is this:  I’m at the point in my Master’s program where I have to focus on a particular business venture, using it for all future work.  My predicament is that I don’t know which venture to focus on.  As is generally advised in such situations, I should make a pros and cons list.  So, here goes: 

Care Mail Inc. is the venture that would likely grow the fastest and provide the most profits in the near term - pro.  But it is the venture I’m least passionate about - con.  I’d likely get sucked in and have little time for my other ventures, or have to relinquish control too early - con.  The possibility that someone could beat me to the punch, invent the same flagship product, is significant - con.

PIMier Inc. would be the most difficult to get up and running - con.  It would however likely be the one that generates the most profits in the long term - neutral.  It is one that I’m passionate about, but only because I want to stick it to the computer industry and say, “See!  I told you so!” - neutral.  It is the venture that would help me the most with my other ventures as I would be able to us its products - pro.  The possibility that someone could beat me to the punch, invent the same flagship product, is unlikely because current competitors are following a precise trend and my idea deviates from that trend - pro.

Exemplary Media Inc. is pure passion for me - pro.  I’m sure I’d be able to carve out a sizable market and turn it into a successful company, especially with franchises like “Made in Hyper-City, but it would take a lot of persuasion, a lot of swimming against the current; it would require the product to back up the claims, so it might end up being a lot of “hurry up and wait.” - con.  The possibility that someone could beat me to the punch, produce a similar flagship product, grows more everyday - con.

There you have it.  It seems evident that I should focus on Care Mail Inc.  Maybe it can really turn into something by the end of the program and I can move on to the others.  I’ll have “practiced” with the company I’m lead worried about messing up and I should have some real cash to work with for the other ventures.  Mehkay …  why not?

The Dilly Yo

I have been away from tumblr (and blogging in general) due to technical difficulties, but I miss it so I just wanted to write up a quick update.  I’m too busy and too lazy when I’m not too busy to call up my web host and figure out why my wordpress sites are all jacked up.  If I ever take the time to do so, I’ll be getting back into the saddle again.  

It’s odd to me when people say, ‘My stomach is hungry.’ I mean think about it … that’s like saying, ‘My butt farted.’

- Damian Niolet

Oct 7
I guess I’m not human …

I guess I’m not human …

Oct 7

Wordpress Woes

Wordpress, or Hostmonster, or something is causes troubles for me.  I created all the blogs for my various companies, but when I try to go to any of them, it loads just one particular one, even though the address isn’t the correct address for that one.  If I try to login to make changes, it logs me into that one blog, and not the ones I’m trying to get into.  Big Sigh.  I didn’t want to be spoon fed, but I didn’t want to have to deal with garbage like this either.  

Oct 6

Wordpress vs. tumblr

I’ll tell you what.  Wordpress is a beast compared to tumblr.  It is to blogging what Nascar is to racing around a track; whereas tumblr is more like go carts.  I’m still moving my blog, but it’s going to take some doing, but that’s kinda the point.

See, here’s the deal.  I have a bunch of domains through hostmonster and hostmonster offers a bunch of free services, like wordpress and themes, site builders, ad words, etc.  I am trying to start up these companies and in the absence of an IT guru, I have to learn this stuff myself.  I’m not going to learn it being spoon fed by tumblr.  tumblr is great and all, but not ideal for my purposes.  So, the new blog is up at http://dniolet.niocoinc.com, but there’s nothing there yet.

NIOCo Inc.  is a company I haven’t mentioned yet.  It’s going to be the company that stays with me no matter what.  It’s going to be an entrepreneurial services, venture capital, etc. company.  It will provide whatever I need to start up the other companies and get them going, as well as other peoples’ companies.  So, I’m going to put my personal blog there, since most of what I do ends up going into some business venture, why not put it there?  It’s as good a place as any.