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Jan 5

A Blog By Any Other Name

I left tumblr a while back, finding WordPress to be more “Professional,” but I miss the sleekness of tumblr.  That plus, you’re more likely to get recognized because your dashboard is mostly other people’s stuff.

All the same, I’m just throwing a few of my quotes up here, so that I can claim them.  If you like what you see, head over the www.damianniolet.me and click my blog link.  I gave you my main site URL because someday I’ll have stuff on there to showcase.

Oct 7

Wordpress Woes

Wordpress, or Hostmonster, or something is causes troubles for me.  I created all the blogs for my various companies, but when I try to go to any of them, it loads just one particular one, even though the address isn’t the correct address for that one.  If I try to login to make changes, it logs me into that one blog, and not the ones I’m trying to get into.  Big Sigh.  I didn’t want to be spoon fed, but I didn’t want to have to deal with garbage like this either.  

Oct 6

Wordpress vs. tumblr

I’ll tell you what.  Wordpress is a beast compared to tumblr.  It is to blogging what Nascar is to racing around a track; whereas tumblr is more like go carts.  I’m still moving my blog, but it’s going to take some doing, but that’s kinda the point.

See, here’s the deal.  I have a bunch of domains through hostmonster and hostmonster offers a bunch of free services, like wordpress and themes, site builders, ad words, etc.  I am trying to start up these companies and in the absence of an IT guru, I have to learn this stuff myself.  I’m not going to learn it being spoon fed by tumblr.  tumblr is great and all, but not ideal for my purposes.  So, the new blog is up at http://dniolet.niocoinc.com, but there’s nothing there yet.

NIOCo Inc.  is a company I haven’t mentioned yet.  It’s going to be the company that stays with me no matter what.  It’s going to be an entrepreneurial services, venture capital, etc. company.  It will provide whatever I need to start up the other companies and get them going, as well as other peoples’ companies.  So, I’m going to put my personal blog there, since most of what I do ends up going into some business venture, why not put it there?  It’s as good a place as any.

Oct 5

New Decision

I’ve decided to have my blog hosted on my own domain.  I mean I’m paying for it, so why not take advantage?  That way tumblr isn’t in the URL I give out.  So, I guess this is me signing off of tumblr.  This was all just experimentation anyway.  I’ll have my blog up elsewhere soon.  Peace.

Oct 5


I’m curious to know about peoples’ workflows.  This is of course highly dependent on what you do, but here’s mine as an example:

I figure out what it is a need to or should be working on by going through either my folders & files as seen here:

or opening up OmniFocus, which is structured the very same way as my folders & files, as seen here:

The reason I have to do both sometimes is because I don’t want to import a ton of files into OmniFocus and bog it down.  I open up Finder so that I can see the actual files I need to work on.  Sometimes I’ll open my iCal calendar and get an idea of what I’ll actual have time to do, but not often.  The calendar is really useless to me.

I’ll then go over to Evernote and take a look at my notes to see where I left off, what direction I need to go in.  While, I can’t really stand Evernote because of the limited hierarchy of notes, I use it for the background research that goes into all of the work I do.  I sometimes use it for rough, rough drafts as well.  Here’s a grab of Evernote, which is also structured in the same way as my folders & files and OmniFocus:

I’ll then start doing the work on the final product, whatever it may be - an info graphic made in OmniGraffle, a document in Pages, a drawing in Photoshop, etc.  I make sure to save the file in an appropriate place in my files & folders.  Often times, my work on these files will spark other thoughts/ideas and I’ll have to go back over to Evernote and jot them down.

The next step is to showcase the works.  Now that I have made my tumblr blog the main location for showcasing my work, things have gotten a bit easier.  I still have to upload files according to their type - art on DeviantArt, videos on YouTube or Vimeo, etc. - but now I can make the descriptions a little less detailed where I upload stuff and provide more details on my blog.  Since all my work is kinda integrated, this is ideal, since all my works can be found on my blog and not just certain types, like on DeviantArt.

Now the sticky point is working with others.  Calendars and tasks cannot be shared at all with the tools I’m currently using.  Maybe iCoud will fix this, but only for Mac users.  Evernote can be shared, but a lot of collaborative energy is lost because it isn’t live.  We could, however, supplement this with iChat or Skype, but it can just be a pain sometimes to have to jump to different apps.  The sharing of folders & files is only possible with a service like DropBox.  It would be far better to have a file server with check in/check out features, but we’re a ways off from being able to afford that.  Lastly, thanks to tumblr, we can all post to the team blogs with ease.

So, that’s my workflow as a budding entrepreneur.  What’s yours?

Oct 2

Blog the change you wish to see in the world.

- Gandhi, with some creative licenses taken by Damian Niolet

Oct 1

Strange Day

It was a weird day.  Things that made perfect sense not too long ago didn’t make sense today.  Not too concerned about it though.  It just means I need to sit with it longer, probably make an infographic and then I’ll be back on track, so to speak.  ’bout the only thing I accomplished today was putting the visitor counter in the sidebar, which I rather like.

Brief Hiatus

I’m going to be focusing on school for the next couple of days, when I’m not preparing to move out of DC and to Hawaii that is.  I’m still going to try to work on “What Drives You?” version 2, but only when absolutely everything else is as taken care of as can possible be.


Well, I just tried to change out themes for this blog.  I even bought one I liked - Halogen.  Turns out that there are all kinds of things wrong with it.  I don’t really want to have to bother with emailing support about it, so I switched back.  Maybe I’ll try another, but for now, it’s blahville.  I also registered for Disqus, so some features may eventually pop on here, if this theme doesn’t all ready support them.  I’m a learning, every so noobly.


From what I’ve seen so far, tumblr seems to just be a gaggle of internet scavengers, some of which actually leave tumblr to find stuff to scavenge and most of which don’t, and all of which are Tweens. And don’t get me started on the spamblrs. I was hoping for a bit more of an intellectual commune sort of deal, more people creating their own material.  Guess I should have gone with WordPress.  tumblr’s ease of use is just superb though, plus I’ve already gotten started on here.  Oh well.

While You Were Exporting …

I had Keynote export PIMier Inc’s presentation to quicktime, which worked, except that the timing of the animations and transitions are off, of course.  So I thought maybe I could export it from Quicktime to something I could edit in iMovie or Premiere Pro.  I started that at 10:30am and it is 35% finished …  So, while waiting I decided to enhance all my social media outlets.  I rather like the new side bar on this blog.  Clearly explains what I’m all about and why you should follow me.  ;)  Hopefully exporting will be finished when I wake up tomorrow and I can get what will now just be a video up on  Vimeo or Youtube.  We’ll see.

Question About Tumblr

Why are there some blogs on here that can’t be followed?  Either I’m blind and don’t see the option to follow them or there isn’t an option.  Why?  Is it the theme they chose?

Sep 8

Figured It Out

I figured out how to make it easy for readers to find all my posts of a related topic.  This link explains it all: Link.  Boy help pages are great, huh?

And I’m not going to delete my stupid questions or comments from earlier because I think it a nice chronology of my tumblr journey.